Course Description

This course satisfies the Natural Sciences Distribution Requirement. It offers the opportunity to continue exploring the laws of the physical and biological world, how they are derived and tested through observation, theory, and experiment, and provides an understanding of the “correctable” nature of scientific knowledge and the interconnections among science, technology, and social concerns. In-class instruction and practice is provided in Quantitative Reasoning and the Use of Technology to Further Learning.

Course Objectives


Passed CHEM 253 or equivalent.

Required Textbooks

Lecture: Organic Chemistry, Bruice, 5th edition (paperback or hardcover).

Laboratory: ALaboratory Manual for Organic Chemistry, Cerny & Schwartz, Revised Printing (Green Cover).

The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual, J.W. Zubrick, 6th edition.

Other Reading


Component Percentage

Exams 80%
Labs 20%



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