Project Overview

I have created five wiki teams and assign one person as the Team Lead for this 4 week project.

The Team Lead for each group is responsible for creating a wiki site on and inviting the rest of the group to join as collaborators by sending them an e-mail via the e-mail address posted in the class roster.

Each group will build a wiki site that contains information about their assigned island in the Boston Harbor which would be helpful to a new visitor to the island. The group will be responsible for will creating the number of pages equaling their group size, for example a group of four would create a wiki site would containing 4 pages, a group of five, 5 pages, etc.

Each team will communicate team plans, assignments, and strategies by using synchronous and asynchronous tools

The information that the group creates should be original and not copied from another existing source, but existing source materials and facts can be referenced in APA format.

The copy should undergo at least one draft, and the final product should represent a collaborative effort. The wiki site should contain :

The information created by your team should be related to island you have been assigned either directly or indirectly and be information that would be helpful to a first time visitor to the island. The copy should be factual and journalistic in tone. It can communicate historical or current information, new, information about special events, political, environmental or cultural ideas that relate to these island.

How to communicate with your group:

Asynchronous tools:

-Discussion thread created for your group on BLS/Vista ( highly recommended at the primary communication channel!)

-Discussion thread on wiki spaces

- your blogs

-voice boards where you can leave voice messages for your team

-google groups: create a google group and use google tools to communicate

Synchronous tools:

These are just some suggested Internet tools. If your group wants to use another type of synchronous tool then by all means please do.

- Twitter (highly recommended!)

- Skype

- Instant Messages

- Horizon-Wimba Live classroom ( I have created a room for each group to meet in).

- Physical meetings

Tools that shouldn't be used:

• e-mail (except for initial invite to wikispaces)

How to Communicate with other teams:


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