Week 5

1. Read about the wiki project in the "Wiki Project" module found in the projects folder on the course home page.

2. Bring your questions about the wikiproject to our 2nd online meeting scheduled for this Wednesday (June 25th) at 7:00 PM by logging on to the course web site at 6:50 PM and selecting the link below. This meeting will be held in a Horizon-Wimba Live classroom and will be voice enabled so please log on with your computer headsets.

Note: if you haven't used Wimba before you'll need to log in 10 minutes early so you can run the Horizon-Wimba wizard, test out your headset and make sure your computer is correctly configured. If you encounter any technical problems be sure to call the 24/7 help desk at: 1-800- 569-6505.

3. Team Assignments are posted below. If you are not the Team Lead you will need to negotiate a role with your team this week.

4. Read and view the links in the Reading Schedule. The password to the UMB e-reserves section is "xxx".


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