Week 6

1. Work with you team to build a visitor's guide to your assignment island and post this info on your wiki.

Team lead: Setting up Wiki space, keeping the project on track, scheduling team meetings, coordinating communication between members, assisting team members and general technical trouble shooting.

Wiki HTML Editor: Makes suggestions about the tone and style of the text and edits copy submitted by writers. Is responsible for managing all the copy versions and creating a process for writers to submit their copy. Puts copy and photos created by team into wiki.

Writer/Researcher(s): Researches historical facts about the Boston harbor islands finds images, facts and interesting resources for team and writes copy for the wiki pages and submits to the editor.

Image Researcher/Editor: Finds and edits images for wiki.

Map Mashup Creator: Creates a map of Boston Harbor island following the step-by-step directions provided in wiki project folder.

RSS feed Creator: Creates RSS feeds for wiki site.

In addition to meeting and selecting a role, your team should create a production schedule that includes major milestones, dates, times and assigns responsibilities for each team member to accomplish the tasks involved in creating your wiki and post it to the discussion folder for your group in WEBCT.

2. Readings/Viewings. Please read and or view the articles and links posted below on Web. 2.0 and and an introduction RSS feeds.

3. Blog Entry. Please post an entry in your class blog about your experience so far of working with your team. What are the challenges? What are the opportunities? What internet tools are you using? What internet tools are working best? What internet tools are missing? What internet tools could be developed to better support virtual team collaboration?


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