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Personal/Family Larger Systems Interface Project

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A person or a family experiences with the health, educational, welfare, legal, and/or housing systems:


Individually or in pairs, this project integrates the knowledge acquired in this class. The basic source of data is an interview and observations of a person and/or family in interaction with larger systems. Include participant observations of how the institutions and this person or family interact or have interacted. You will need a signed released by the person you interview or work with. Observe, ask, reflect, and stay open to new ideas and potential interpretations of people’s actions and ways they make sense of their context and situation. Be curious about unfolding events and micro-events as well as the process and context of the interactions. Keep a journal with thoughts about this project to help you design the presentation and paper. Use video and/or audio to record your observations, as well as other audiovisual aids like photographs, charts, brochures, etc. Share your insights, questions, solutions, and comments with the class throughout the semester.


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