Weekly Threaded and Synchronous Discussions

Students are expected to contribute with a minimum of two meaningful entries per week in the threaded discussion. Your input should be available at least 24 hrs before our session on Tuesdays to give other students an opportunity to participate in the dialogue. You are encouraged to respond to other students’ communications, ask questions, contribute excerpts from the readings, stories, etc. It is the students’ responsibility to stay aware of the messages that your peers, instructor, and invited guests generate. A dedicated ongoing threaded discussion will exist for general and specific questions about the course. If you are unable to attend a synchronous event, please submit a report of the COU 626 Collaborative Consultation & Larger Systems Syllabus 3 archived session. If the session is not archived, write a report about the session using the reading materials and the session contents. Your participation should be timely and integrate the readings in a creative and innovative way.


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