Class 1

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Class 1 (9/10)
Getting oriented, orienting oneself
a. The course as a process
Intro remarks on Developing as a Reflective Practitioner--including Taking Initiative in & through Relationships--and on Phases of Research and Engagement
Free writing on what your prior experiences (good and bad) in these areas
Interview an alum of this course, TBA, about experience of doing the course
b. Initial ideas about individual projects
See Phase A. Overall vision; Goal: "I can convey who I want to influence/affect concerning what (Subject, Audience, Purpose)."
In class exercises on Proposed investigation--Who do you want to reach? What do you want to convey to them? Why do you want to address them about that? What obstacles do you see ahead? (Individual brainstorming, pair-share, first stab at Governing question (a.k.a. Thesis or Controlling or Researchable question) and paragraph description of proposed project, and reports to the group)

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