Class 7

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Class 7 (10/29)
Preparation for Public Presentations on Work-in-Progress
See Phase G. Clarification through communication; Goal: "I have clarified the overall progression or argument underlying my research and the written reports I am starting to prepare."
Analyze arguments implicated in previous student's research
Visual aids, and their use in aiding your on-going clarification of the overall structure of your argument.
In class exercises:
Draft sequence of overhead projector transparencies and argument structure.
Revise your own argument after analysis activity above.
Supply working title for your presentation that conveys what is distinctive about your project.
For phases E & J: Mid-term self-assessment/ discussion (gap between where you are and would
like to be). Check with PT on any uncertainties in your assignment check-list.
For all phases: Review journal/workbook, system to store course and research materials on paper and on computer (e.g., zip disk) -- bring all these to class if you have not already had them discussed at an office hours meeting.

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