Day Topic
Class 1 (9/10)

Getting oriented, orienting oneself:
a. The course as a process
b. Initial ideas about individual projects

Class 2 (9/17) Initial sources of information and informants
Class 3 (9/24) a. Models of engagement
b. Organizing and processing research materials
Class 4 (10/1) Initial formulations -> Governing Question
Class 5(10/15) Design of Research and Engagement Process
Class 6 (10/22) Interviewing
Class 7 (10/29) Preparation for Public Presentations on Work-in-Progress
Class 8 (11/5) Practice Presentations on Work-in-Progress
Class 9 (11/12) Presentations on Work-in-Progress, open to Public
Class 10 (11/19) Getting and Using Feedback on Writing
Class 11 (11/26) Direct Writing & Quick Revising
Class 12 (12/3) Peer commenting on drafts
Class 13 (12/10) Taking Stock of the Course: Where to go from here?
End (12/17) Submit Reports, Process review/self-assessment, and journal/workbook/research system
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