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Ramon (age 5) and Ramon (age 7) are best friends. They are in the same group at their after school program. Staff call the younger boy "Smiling Ramon" and the older boy "Dancing Ramon," because of a story relating to how the boys met.

The younger boy, Smiling Ramon, is fluent in English, but Dancing Ramon still has somewhat of a language barrier. The boys are inseparable and like to do everything together. Dancing Ramon helps Smiling Ramon with his friendships and social skills, and Smiling Ramon helps Dancing Ramon with his English.

Both boys think that school is boring, and especially say that math and science are hard and boring. Dancing Ramon often struggles more with his comprehension when doing STEM activities. However, they are both very kinesthetic and love hands-on learning. Dancing Ramon loves to win prizes or contests, and Smiling Ramon loves to make robots out of anything he can get his hands on.