Session 3: Putting it all together

Description of Session 3

This session will discuss Thematic Curriculum and Project Based Learning.  These formats help make material easier for K-8 students to grasp.  The lecture will provide a framework to develop a program plan based on Universal Design.  After completing the session return to the Early Education Development Home Page to browse other course offerings.

If this course is being taken to document Professional Development hours, use the checklist on the menu to the left.

Video Presentation

This narrated interactive video presentation below will summarize the Bridges to STEM course and provide a framework to develop curriculum. (Adobe Flash Player is required to view these presentations.) Click on the title to load the presentation:

Samples of Thematic Curriculum with Project Based Learning

The next step is to apply the curriculum in the classroom and reflect on what worked and what needs adjustment. Below are three samples using a "Medieval Times" theme with "Great Joust" project, adapted for different age groups and a blank form to use for practice.



Blank TC PBL Planning Form

Sample of a Teaching Lab and Discussion

The following Teaching Lab can be used for self-paced learners, groups in-person or online. If this course is being taken to document Professional Development hours, use the checklist on the left to document course activity completion.

  1. Allow a colleague to review the activity you created in session two or any other earlier assignment and provide feedback
  2. Review feedback and revise as needed
  3. Teach the activity in your program
  4. Answer the following reflection questions after teaching
    • How did it go?  What went well?  What didn’t go as you wanted?
    • What impact do you think STEM lessons had on the skills of the children in your group?

Recommended directions for online learners would be:

"Post your response [in the discussion section]. Once you have responded to both questions, post a reply to two other learners.  You may choose to respond to learners who have posted about the same child scenario or others."

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