Session 2: Planning

Description of Session 2

This session will inform and prepare administrators to craft an implementation plan for their educators through an interactive video lecture, an optional YouTube video and an optional discussion question.  A Staff Motivational Survey has been provided.

Video Presentation

Please watch the lecture presentation below and the optional YouTube video. The lecture describes how to develop and implement a plan in ways that are helping to motivate while supporting and rewarding staff.  (Adobe Flash Player is required to view the PowerPoint lectures.) Click on the title to load presentations.

The Plan. How to help support your staff implement the program.

Is there any force stronger than gravity?. A great example of a STEM activity in action.


Staff Motivation Survey This is an exmple of a survey to poll staff about what might help motivate them and the most difficult or unpleasant things about their job.


Sample Reflection and Discussion

Below is a sample of discussion questions that can be used when training faculty with the above materials.

Recommended directions for online learners would be:

"Post your response [in the discussion section]. Once you have responded to both questions, post a reply to two other learners.  You may choose to respond to learners who have posted about the same child scenario or others."

Sample Implementation Assignment and Feedback

The following is a sample of an activity that can be completed for Directors or Administrators to document Professional Development hours.

  1. Think about the educators in your program and their strengths and barriers to STEM
  2. Think about all of the best practices we have looked at so far
  3. Craft an implementation plan for a specific, concrete policy, plan, expectation, or requirement that will create STEM-empowerment in your program – be sure to include:
    • What the policy, plan expectation or requirement is
    • What a STEM-empowered program looks like
      • What will be different about the program
      • What will be different about the staff
      • What will be different for the children and families
    • How long will it take to make this change
    • What supports the staff will need
    • What structures you will put in place to help make and maintain the change
    • How you will build staff investment in the change
    • How you will maintain or improve staff motivation through the change
Recommended directions for online learners would be:
"Peer-review two implementation plans written by other learners and provide specific, detailed, constructive feedback and concrete suggestions for improvement"
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