Activity Planning and Feedback


  1. Think about the children in your classroom or program
    • Consider English Language Development needs
    • Consider learning styles and multiple intelligences
    • Consider age and developmental stage
    • Consider interests
    • Consider the environment and available resources, materials, etc.
  2. Create a sample of an activity that meets the following criteria:
    • Aligns to the learning styles of the children in your group
    • Aligns to Universal Design for Learning
    • Is at an appropriate learning level for your group of children’s current language development needs
    • Aligns to a specific WIDA Standard (identify which one)
    • Aligns to a specific item in the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for English Language Arts (or another CF that you identify)
    • Is engaging and exciting for you and for the children
  3. Post a detailed description of your sample activity in the courseroom by clicking on the 'Add a new discussion topic' button below. (250 word minimum)
  4. Include standard numbers and other details to describe how all of the above-listed criteria are met by your activity.
  5. Peer-review one other sample activity written by another learner and provide specific, detailed, constructive feedback and concrete suggestions for improvement (50 word minimum).
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