Session 2: Planning

Description of Session 2

In session 2, the concepts in session 1 will be used to develop assessment and goal setting, with two interactive video presentations, a discussion about overcoming challenges and staff motivation, as well as an assignment to create an implementation plan. After completing this session, click on Session 3 to continue.

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Video Presentations

Please watch both presentations below. Click on the title to begin.

  1. Assessment and Goal Setting
  2. The Plan: Bringing your goal to life



Staff Motivation Survey - Downloadable PDF File


Sample Discussion: Overcoming Challenges / Maintaining Motivation

Consider the following questions:



Sample Implementation and Feedback Plans

  1. Think about the educators in your program and their strengths and barriers related to diversity and English Language Development
  2. Think about all of the best practices we have looked at so far
  3. Craft an implementation plan for a specific, concrete policy, plan, expectation, or requirement that will support Diversity and English Language Development in your program – be sure to include:
    • What the policy, plan expectation or requirement is
    • What the vision is ((how things will look when it’s implemented) and why it's important
      • What will be different about the program
      • What will be different about the staff
      • What will be different for the children and families
    • How long will it take to make this change
    • What supports the staff will need
    • What structures you will put in place to help make and maintain the change
    • How you will build staff investment in the change
    • How you will maintain or improve staff motivation through the change
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