Module 1_2

Module 1-2

Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers

Social Emotion Development



1.      Pretest

2.      Read pages 16-30 and 87-96 of ELG for Infants and Toddlers

3.      Breeze presentation

         PDF of presentation handout view: link

4.      Choose one reading from the following:

·         Relationships, the Heart of Development and Learning

·         Helping a Baby Adjust to Center Care

·         Crying Babies: Answering the Call

·         What to do with a fuzzy baby: A problem-solving approach

·         Emotional flooding: Using empathy to help babies handle strong emotions

·         Teaching children to name their feelings

·         Guiding Toddlers

·         Believe, watch act: Promoting prosocial behavior in infants and toddlers

·         Setting limits

·         Dealing with Biting Behaviors in Young Children

·         Finding the causes of misbehavior

·         Family-Focused Interventions for Promoting Social-Emotional Development in Infants and Toddlers with or at Risk for   Disabilities

·         Recommended Practices: Supporting Infants and Toddlers with Challenging Behaviors

·         Self-regulation: A cornerstone of early childhood development

5.      Explore one website:

·         Center for Social Emotional Development on Early Learning:

·         DEC. (2010, September).   Responsiveness to ALL children, families, and professionals:  Integrating cultural and linguistic diversity into policy and practice.

·         DEC and NAEYC. (2009, April).  Early childhood inclusion:

·          Zero to Three.  Early Experience Matters:

·          Zero to Three:  Promoting Social and Emotional Development:

6.    Practice with Vocabulary at Study Stack

7.    Share parent brochure: Help me Grow!

8.    Complete Child Observation

9.    Complete Learning Activity Planning Template: Social and Emotional Development

10.    Complete Cultural Competency Self Assessment

11.  Complete One Step at a Time Goal Sheet

12.  Post Test

Feedback to Google docs to print pre/post scores


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