Why Continental Shelves:

a. Wave cut vs. wave built terraces

b. Onto shelf was wave base

1. Rock out side of wave terraces contradicts that theory (on slope and

sub-canyons) no wave also

2. Depth of outer shelf not related to size of existing wave (wave action

seldom below

3. Sediment size is so valuable in distribution on outer shelf

4. Topography of outer shelf is too irregular to be built by wave

Ice Age Sea Level

Plastocene Period

North America & Europe

(Some Siberia Providence) & Mongolia

R. H. Flink on Glacial Pleistocean geology (Wiley 1956 / page 258-271) suggests

glaciation lowered sea level from 250 ~ 500 feet

Thinifor melting would raise sea level by 250 -500 feet

(to be more accurate mud lennididge of depth of ice)

Statement that highlands of Northeast Canada not covered by glacier has been

refuted partially.

Norwegian Peninsula / show striae & deposition

During early and not late glacial period is possible (page 98)

Continental Slope

Slope in many places have much greater vertical relief than on land (even K2 ect)

Mt Everest

Andes sub = 42000 feet

Slope is greater 4-7 degrees

Slope is easily defined from continent shelf if shelf is present because of great

degree of slope to abyss or continental rise

Continental borderlands are enterrptions in the slope and use above the abyss or