Abyssal Plain

Very flat surface forend in many of the basins - they vary in configuration and


Abyssal Plain: is a large depression - can be cut by a trench

Submarine Canyons

Elongate valley a depression of sea floor

(a) Broad floor and steep wall

(b) Shallow depth, elongate

(c) Small gullies thru deep sea deltas
(d) Winding valleys thru slope (V-Shaped), Much controversy relative sub


La Jolla Canyons - Scipp works in California

Camel, Monteny, Mouth of Congo, Corsica, French Riveria

Scripps Canyon very close to shore - diverted from beach

Scupps - 15 feet deep

High Walls-kelp & eel

Grass on floor

50 feet (rocky gorge)

100 feet (hanging valleys)

175 (danger) narrow

Gorge (5 feet arde (shake))

Sea fan end by valley & levees sand & mud large in cave

(Topography of sand similar to surrounding shore)

Monterrey (Camel & Monterrey) resembles Grand Canyon many Dentrites

(Cannel Pt Lobos)

H20 deep canyon comes 100 feet to shore - cut in granite Monterrey -sandy,

many turbulences joins camel canyon

Sediment Rock Structured -Graded Bedding (mud, sand, pebbles)

(Cores similar to La Jolla)

Cape St. Lueas (Gulf of California) granite wall, sand schusses

Mostly all Sub canyons on South California clustered around type of Gulf of