Planetary Wind Circulation Basic Premise

1. Earth is a sphere

2. Winds blow from high to low pressure area (from cold to warm)

3. Coreolis Effect: Gives East - West / West - East component

90 degrees Artic Circle

60 degrees East

30 degrees western

0 degrees trades

30 degrees west

60 degrees east

90 degrees an Artic Circle

Ocean Currents: Partial listing canaries, no Atlantic Equatorial, Gulf Stream, North

Atlantic Drift, Norwegian, East & West Greenland, Labrador Irminger, Guinea, South

Atlantic Current, Brazil, West Wind Drift, Fackland, Arghulas, Peru, East Australian,

West Australian, North & South Pacific Equatorial, California, Alaskan, Warm & Cold

Japanese, Equatorial counter currents and monsoon

4. Winds named from Direction they Originate

Deep ocean circulation and physical problems

Pressure: 1 Atmosphere each 33 fathoms deep

1000 atmosphere at great depth

Problem of life

Bends (Nitrogen problems)

High pressure reduces visvocity