Three types of Tides:

1. Semi-daily: (semi-diurral) (2 high & 2 low) (Boston Harbor) (Atlantic)

2. Mixed tide: Highs of 2 time per day and lows very (Indian and Pacific)

3. Daily or (Divmal Variance) Gulf of Mexico + Hawaii one tide per day for tides

Storm & Ocean Wave

Waves can outrun a storm depending upon fetch

Also we can have big waves as a result of a storm far away

Sea: much a capillary action waves on waves

Swell: gently rolling wave (some capillary action)

Declination of Moon

Rhythm of Tide: Sun and moon on some plane only there per year

(Zenith position of sun and revolution)

Natural Period of Oscillation of H20
Seiche waves normally in ocean (bay) - Recoil wave

Tsunami: not a tidal wave

It is a the result of tectonic or earthquake

Transverse wave from great distance: 400-600 feet (1755)

Krakatoa 4-6 mile high (1883)

Anchorage: Boat 1 mile inland

(510 mph) C-L/T 510 = 130/T