Terraine - Region by rock type

Granite vs. Limestone

Static vs. Dynamic

Isostacy vs. Eustacy

Plate tectonics & coastal geomorphology

Convergence vs. transform boundary

Island Arcs

Trailing (Atlantic) Coast vs. Leading (Pacific)

Submerged shelf margin and Convergent/transformation shelf

Slow vs. rapid movement

Bold Relief & Cliffed Headlands,

Valley & Ridge Coast, Firth, Fjiord, Fjard

Pocket Beaches & Caves

Low Coast = Gulf Coast - Beaches and Lagoons, Estuaries, Distributaries

Continental shelf vs. slope

Weather and Climate Factors

Boston Harbor - N E storm

Gale vs. Hurricane

Fetch of Blizzard of 78

No Name Gale - Perfect Storm

Primary vs. Secondary Coasts

Primary - submerged not modified

Secondary- submerged & modified