Drainage Basin - infiltrate & flow

Results in - drainage basin to river watershed

Open System

Divide - boundaries that determine of river flow

11,12,& 11,12,&

Interfluves = between rivers

Dambos - tropical, seasonal wet, linear grass covered, shallow

Chemical Network - Main trunk & tributaries

Playfair's Law


Stream ordering

1st Order- No tributary

2nd Order- Junction of 2 1st order

3rd Order- Junction of 2 second order

4th Order- Is main trunk - Branching like a tree

Random & organization of networks predict & describe but don't explain computer



NE - glacial till - volcanic & metamorphic rock basement

Joints - tors massive joints of blocks

Faults, normal, reverse, transform, block

Melange (mess)

Outcrop evidence (exposed rock)

Folded sedimentary rock - very thin few m to 10km

Structural benches & cap rock (oil traps)

Mesa & Butte (diameter lessji than height)

Cuesta - Steep scarp, gentle deep slope

Hogback - symmetrical

Topographic inversions

Allochtochthanous terrains - Formed elsewhere & transported

Domes & Basins -

Inland Facing Cuestas - downs chalk cliffs or Dover

Thrust fault folds - maps

River Drainage Patterns

Insequent - small valley or gulley cut

Consquent- follows land






Multi-basal - Karst or Glacial

Subsequent - Develop independently of congruent drainage

All except - dendrite, parallel or radial

Antecedent - Maintain valley through mts.

Superposed - Glacier changes river flow direction