Sea Caves, Notch arch, stacks

Abrasion ramp/slope of transport

Littoral - Supra, sub, and inter-tidal

Bio-erosion - hold fasts, chemical

Solution and limestone

Tectonic / mountain Coasts (California) West Coast US

Wave cut platform

Sleep narrow shelf

Plunging slope & canyons

Coral Reef- Basis - Animals and Plants - Physical Needs



Fringing = Patch, Pinnacle, Oval

Sandy Shore - Glaciated

Beach & Sediment

Saltation vs. Solution

Swash / backwash

Littoral cell

Rip tide / current

Tombolo, Bar, Spit, Hook, Barrier & Pocket beach,

Tidal inlet & barrier beaches

Muddy shore - low energy

Halophytes, grass, sedge, algae

Verticle zonation of temperate coast - Piling Ecology

Salt marsh vs. mangrove swamp

Persian Gulf and tropical coasts

New Orleans Relationship

Shrimp, algae, mangrove vs. Grass