Q=vol w=width

V=velocity d=depth

Hydrography - graph above flow/ gauging station

River flow - saltation, plucking & quarring

Kolking - Whirpool, rounded basalt

Lahars or volcanic water or debris also

Abrasion and Pot holes

Knick point - stream bed over waterfall

Slope inverse function of discharge

Larger channels need less slope to flow

Temporary vs. ultimate base level

Floods - annual vs. 25, 50, 75 & 100 years vs. 125 yrs.

River sediment flow

Competence - Ability to transport sediment

Froude # is the degree of turbulence

Depends on velocity and depth

Capacity - sediment max of theoretical transmitted

Thalweg - line connecting max h2o depth of a channel

Anastomosing or anabranching channel

Straight channel if dredged is unstable

Meanders & 0 X B 0 W S

Neck cut off, point bar (inside)

Broad plains and aggrading

Grade - 10 variables in hydrolic geometry

ID= discharge, load & ultimate base level supply vs. transport limited