Erosion Processes & Landforms

Rock Weathering - Solar Energy - (Exogenic)

Chemical Rx & hydrothermal

Ground h2o 10-20 km below surface

(Weathering & solution)

Disintegration vs. Decomposition

Exfoliation Domes - Sheet Erosion

Rock mass strength - (Diamond - H 10 vs. Talc - HI)

Rosen's Law - fragments inverse to size

Rock fracture - Pressure release & expansion

Thermal contractions

Crystal growth

Sedimentary rock - coal

Igneous - granite

(Sheeting) (Mineral differences)

Quarry Rock Bursts

Continuous Joints vs. Short

Thermal expansion

Volcanic Steam (surface/depth/color/fire)

Salt & Crystal Growth - Iron oxide / salt precipitation

Rock salt - Salt Hydration

Aluminum in desert soils

Gypsum is result of acid rain reaction

Tafoni - Weathering pits of desert - near coasts - Rain/dew/fog

- Namib Desert, South West Africa

Above spray zone on coast

Frost wedge (H2o) expands 9% (permafrost)

Biodegradation - mineral root/rock interaction

Physical (6x) greater than chemical oxidation of mineral/weathering

Carbonation - Rx with C02

Hydolysis - h20 chem rx

Hydration - add h20

Chelation and exchange- oxygen in blood.

Mineral to Organic compounds

Dissolution - Congruent if components all soluable

Incongruent if all components are not in solution.

Oxidation- Pyrite FeS2 (fools gold) (yellow)