Tectonic Forms

Scarp- Steep or abrupt slope on cliff

Fault scope (25 - 40) earth earthquake displacement

En Echelon - broken scarp - uplift

Bottle necked wine glass

Thrust fault - new mt. range

Obsequent - scarp opposed

Upthrust & high side

Resequent slip fault - movement

Parallel to strike - ridges in echelon

Transform fault - side to side

Fault block mts.

East Africa - Oldvai Gorge

Rift Valley - Rhine, Rio Grande, Lake Baikal


Domes - Shallow ice,salt, molten ice

Salt dome - 400 Gulf of Mexico

Igneous Domes -400 Gulf of Mexico

Volcanic & Plate Tectonic – 62% m Pacific, 22% Indonesia

(sub area broad regions) 10 m Atlantic Ocean Area

Gas - exhalative - Mud volcano - Iwo Jima, Sulfur Is

Lava- effusive - Si02 - aha - block laval (VEI - volcanic explosive)

All ejecta from volcano - tephra - explosive, bombs, blocks, lapilli.

Hydro-volcanic - geyser, hot springs, fumarole

Mud volcanos - travertine. Lake Nyos - Co2

Nuee ardentee - hot gas cloud/flow

Lahar - volcanic mud flow

Basalt Flows - Basic movement over ground

Domes - built in flat areas - successive flow

Shield Volcano - scaled up, flank eruptors caldera, crater, crater lake

(maar - shallow lake)

Caldera Lake Titicaca

Fissure eruptions - No central vent

Composite or strata-volcano - tephra and lava

Plug dome vs. neck

Coulee - hill or low mt. h2o runoff cuts gully or intermittent stream bed.

Ignimbrite or welding tuft - fused ejecta of porous rock