Weekly Lecture Notes
Short Form
1.) Regional Descriptions
            Colors & Symbols
Process vs. landforms

2.) Climate Morphogenesis - temperature, precipitation, winds, humidity
            Hill slopes, Fluvial, Karst, Arid, Glacial.
3.) Tectonic geomorphology
            Plate contact structures
4.) Quantitative geomorphology
            Drainage basins
            Catchments areas
            Flood Plains

Structure Process and Time
Adverbs - How, what when where

Spatial Dimension & Scale
Rough geometric shapes = fractals
Geometric shapes-classical Euclidean geometry

Earth rotation – spheroid vs. ellipsoid
            Based on - density

Time = when = episodic – vs. long term
Geoid vs. ellipsoid & best fit of base level
Continents & Oceans (land elevation vs. ocean bottom)
Eustacy vs. Isostacy
71 vs. 29%
Mean depth = +/- 12000ft. = 2mi

10 major plates
Role of ocean crust & submarine mountains.
Plates - convergent - divergent & transform
Physiographic provinces

Land shields, seas, platforms, organic belts
Ocean ridges plains, island arcs, and back arc basins
            US Provinces - 25-
            Tectonic Orogeny old - young – east – west - jagged - smoothed

Erosion vs. Deposition - Agrade vs. degrade