Course Description

Coastal Zone Management is offered as an upper division course. It presupposes a knowledge of oceanography and marine science The course builds upon physical sites and the interaction between and among people and places or the situation.

This course will focus upon the geographers bi association of site and situation. The primary goal of the course is to increase the awareness of students through didactic knowledge that is necessary in the planning process. That leads to the course design which in the first part of the semester will focus upon site issues and the last part of the course will focus upon situation issues involving the interactions of the site.

Main issues examined will be local, regional and national; but, there will also be inferences drawn to specific international laws and locations. Organizationally we will go from physical to integration and local to international. We will observe aspects of our immediate coastal location that are illustrative of the location of the university as it reacts to its site and situation. At the conclusion of the Coastal Zone Management Course students will:

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to direct a small group of students to research and study special issues in coastal zone management. They are as follows:



Required Textbooks

Text: Carter, R.W. G.,Coastal Environment, (Academic Press:London) 1988

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