About Professor


Professor Meesh McCarthy

E-mail: meesh.mccarthy"at"umb.edu

Office: Campus Center 1-1300

Phone:(617) 287-6550



Meesh has been involved in many undertakings of UMass Boston’s General Education programs. Her interests include the influence of interdisciplinarity on critical thinking, of intellectual property rights on food/farming, and of technology on perceived social norms. Meesh is a senior lecturer in the Critical Thinking Program at Academic Support Programs, where she has taught since 1998.

Citation: McCarthy, M. (2010, October 27). About Professor. Retrieved November 06, 2014, from UMass Boston OpenCourseware Web site: http://ocw.umb.edu/first-year-seminar/g-114-investigations-across-the-curriculum-reality-and-the-americas/about-professor.
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