Week Topic

i. The Pax Romana
ii. The Origins of Christianity and the early centuries
iii. The Conversion of Constantine


i. The Christian Empire
ii. Monks and Fathers
iii. Heretics and Councils


i. The Barbarians and their establishment within the Late Roman Empire
ii. Justinian and Theodora


i. The establishment of Christianity in Ireland and Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries
ii. The contribution of the Irish and Anglo-Saxons to the preservation of culture in Early Medieval Europe


i. Muhammad and Islam
ii. The Arab Conquests. Islamic culture and Religion: East goes West – jihad

6 i. The Early Carolingians
ii. Charlemagne/Carolus Magnus/Karl der Grosse/Charles the Great
iii.  Louis the Pious/Ludwig der Frommen/ Louis le Debonnaire
iv. Pirenne’s Thesis
7 i. The later Carolingians and the triple invasions of the Muslims (Saracens), Norsemen and Magyars
ii. The emergence of the kingdoms of Western Europe (England, Capetian France, the Holy Roman Empire, the Investiture Contest
iii. Overview of the course
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