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Math 140: Calculus I

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November 28, 2009
Functions and limits, derivatives and their applications, definite and indefinite integrals with applications to geometric and physical problems, and discussion of algebraic and transcendental functions.

Catalin Zara
Office: Science 3-091
Email: czara*at*math.umb.edu Include [m140fa09] in the subject line
Phone: (617) 287-6463

Calculus, 6th Edition, by James Stewart, Brooks/Cole, 2008. ISBN 9780495011613.

Class Meetings:
Tu 9:30AM - 10:45AM, in M01-0212
Th 9:30AM - 11:50AM, in M01-0212

Office Hours:
Th   11:50AM-12:20PM, in M-1-212
TuTh 2:00PM-3:00PM, in S-3-091

Current Assignments:

Important Dates:
Tue, Sep 8: First class meeting
Tue, Sep 15: Add/Drop ends
Thu, Oct 1: Exam 1
Thu, Oct 22: Exam 2
Thu, Nov 12: Exam 3
Thu, Nov 12: P/F and late withdrawal
Thu, Nov 26: No class (Thanksgiving)
Tue, Dec 8: Exam 4
Thu, Dec 10: Last class meeting.
Thu, Dec 17: Final Exam

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