Math Q114 Quantitative Reasoning

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Math Q114

Quantitative Reasoning

Professor Mark Pawlak

Math Department
University of Massachusetts - Boston

Course Structure: Three 50-min class a week

Image courtesy of anniehp / CC BY-SA 2.0

Course Description

This course covers the basic algebra and technological tools used in the social, physical and life sciences to analyze quantitative information. The emphasis is on real world, open-ended problems that involve reading, writing, calculating, synthesizing, and clearly reporting results. Topics include descriptive statistics, linear, and exponential models. Technology used in the course includes computers (spreadsheets, Internet) and graphing calculators.

Copyright 2010, Mark Pawlak. Cite/attribute Resource. Pawlak, M. (2010, September 15). Math Q114 Quantitative Reasoning . Retrieved July 28, 2014, from University of Massachusetts Boston Web site: This work is licensed under a BY-NC-SA BY-NC-SA