Course Description

Math Q114 fulfills the quantitative reasoning requirement that is part of your general education requirements. In this course you'll learn how to use the algebraic and technological tools employed in the social, physical and life sciences to analyze quantitative information. We'll study some basic statistics, and then delve into linear, exponential and quadratic models. The course will involve defining real world problems by means of numerical, symbolic, and visual representations of real world phenomena, determining how to solve them, deducing consequences, formulating alternatives, and predicting outcomes. The stress will be on reasoning, rather than on mathematical and computation. Throughout you;ll be actively involved in discussing, reading, writing, and in genral doing. The course serves as preparation for: Math 125 (Statistics) and for similar statistics/methods courses outside the Mathematics Department, as well as for certain General Education science and other quantitatively based courses.

Class Meeting

3 times a week at 12:00 PM, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in H-ULMac
Lab C. Regular attendance is required.

Required Textbook 

Explorations in College Algebra

(3th edition) by John Wiley & Sons.

Homework assignment policy:

Problems from the text will be assigned one week at a time, every week, and will be due

on the following Monday. Extensions will be granted if you arrange in advance to meet

with the instructor or a course tutor for extra help prior to due date. Assigned problems

will be graded, and will have a substantial impact on your final grade.

Each set of problems will be worth 10 points:

arranged with me or a tutor to get help).


In addition to assigned problem each section of every chapter has Algebra Aerobics

problems. These are meant as a review of essential mathematics skills that will be used in

the chapter. You should try these problems and check the answers in the back of the text.

If you don’t understand these problems or get some of them wrong, ask me for help with

them the next class. I will not collect these, but I will base the weekly quizzes on the

aerobics problems.


Component Percentage
Problem Sets and weekly quizzes
Internet assignments, projects and class presentation
Exam I
Exam II
Final Exam


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