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Professor Eileen McMahon, Ed.M

email: eileen.mcmahon "at" umb.edu

phone: 617-287-3998

fax: 617-287-3999

office location: Healey Library - LL-21

office hours: Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm through appointment



In addition to her role as an instructor for the Communication Studies Department at UMB, Eileen McMahon is an instructional designer in the Educational Technologies Group at UMB. Previously she was an independent producer/designer  in children's educational media technologies. She designed and produced CD-ROM's, web sites and video games for Activision, CBS, Disney, Dreamworks, Digital Domain, Sony, Lotus, Microsoft, NBC, Turner New Media, Time Warner,  SEGA Games, Public Television, National Public Radio, National Science Foundation, Universal Studios and others.   Eileen received her undergraduate degree from Bennington College in Vermont, an Ed.M from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a certificate in graphic design from the Museum School of Fine Arts.

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