1 Students at many local Boston private universities have started free culture groups but one doesn't exist here at UMass Boston, a public institution. Why do you think this is? Identify some of the benefits of having a free culture at a university campus students and exchange ideas about how a movement could get started here. Note: be sure to visit the free student culture web site (http://freeculture.org/) before posting. In order to get full credit for this discussion, you must post your thoughts on this topic and respond to one other student's posting.
2 Analyze the communication patterns in your wiki group and in other groups and help to create a guide to successful virtual groups by adding one recommendation and rating a recommendation posted by someone else.
3 What did you think of the attached rubrics that I created for the wiki project and for the final project? Was there a missing category? Did the rubrics provide enough detail? Do you think they should be changed? If so how? Please post your thoughts on these questions or post your own reflections and respond to at least one other student's post.


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