Overview. A learning theory. "Instances of US Forces…"
Syllabus journal, buy Kinzer, copy $, preview "Study Template"
Discuss Syllabus journal entries. Regime Change Prior Knowledge Inventory: get a record of your baseline knowledge. Preview "Study Template"
PK-Critical thinking BrainDump: "Why are we in Iraq and Afghanistan?" Revisit & Observe-React Journal "Instances". Choose 3 search terms from the "CAPS Search Terms Table" to make a CAPS Prior Knowledge Inventory.
Syllabus QUIZ; Why fight? Discuss & Vote. CAPS PK Synthesis 
Select min. 4 "Regime Change Search Terms" search Youtube & any quotation websites. Use "study template" to record findings, bring to class. 
Background Investigations Roundtables: new Search Terms, learning summaries & classification tables. Continent Map Quiz
Revise & Supplement your Regime Change and CAPS PK inventories, include a PK summary. 
Intro to author/text; Roundtable background research. Hand in Revised PK Inventory 
Study for ESSAY INSTRUCTION Quiz. Read Kinzer 14. 
LAB Preview Kinzer. Argument-Evidence Journal  
Argument-Evidence Journal Ch. 14 (in-class & HW)
Journals Ch.14 (in-class & HW) Brecht "Questions from a Worker Who Reads" Quiz ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS 
Essay Instruction Journal. Preview K. Ch.9 or 4
LAB. Kinzer analysis. Instructions Journal due. 
Journals K9&4 

Ch.9 & 4 & discussion 
Midterm & Catch up 
 Essay Planning Strategies
Essay Rough Draft # 1 Due Mon. 10am 
 Essay Whisper-Shout & Iceberging; Writing our own "Question from poems"
Journal: Ch.10 Prep Attribution Quiz.
 Holiday (Attribution Quiz-electronic)
Peer Feedback Notes. Essay.
Peer Feedback Notes. "Magical Thinking" 
Draft #2. Due Thurs. 
Draft #2 Due. CIA Factbook. Intro Final Exam Roundtable 
Prep Final Exam Roundtable.
Conferences, Healey search & Team Editting  
Holiday Prep: Reader's Choice Roundtable. Construct Essay based on bibliography (from Kinzer) and subject search terms for 11.30 
Info Literacy with Janet (meet in CLI) 
 Reader's Choice Roundtable
reread your Revised PK Inventories & CT Reflection (Why we fight) from weeks I-III compare, systhesize the new info into your original draft (revise content & add min. 3 new paragraphs). Email the text to me in the message-no attachments please! 
Film #2 "Hijacking Catastrophe" (68 min). Roundtable Revised reflections. Works Cited Due. Course Evals; 
Essay Due; Film Discussion. Final prep. 



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