People Math - - Multiplication High Fives



Have your group of kids stand up in an open area.
Choose an assistant to begin (this is optional).
The assistant picks two numbers.
Let's imagine the numbers are seven and three. The assistant taps seven children, who line up in a row, standing shoulder to shoulder but not quite touching one another. The assistant then chooses three children who line up one behind another. Then the first of the three children walks slowly past the seven children, giving a high five to each child as the whole group counts aloud.
When child one is through, the group should have counted seven high fives. Then the second child of the three walks past the seven children as the whole group counts. By the time the second child is done, you should be at fourteen. Then the third of three children goes past the row of seven as the whole group counts. This brings you to twenty one.


Instead of high fives, you can also have each kid give a penny to
each person in the longer row and count all of the pennies when
you're through, as an alternative for children who can't or shouldn't
touch one another.
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