About the Creators

Elise Scott

Project Director, Trainer and Project Manager


Phone: 617.720.1290 x240
Email: scott@bostnet.org

Elise Scott comes to BOSTnet with over a dozen years experience as a Trainer and Project Manager. She hails from rural Maryland, where she worked as a therapeutic instructor with emotionally and behaviorally challenged children and adolescents in a horse therapy program. She also developed and ran a large and vibrant volunteer program, engaging schools, family, and the community in the support of struggling children. Elise is completing a graduate degree in mental health counseling, and brings expertise in emotional and behavioral health needs, strategies, and interventions to the team. She provides training and technical assistance to programs statewide on BOSTnet quality improvement strategies through the Department of Early Education and Care, Professional Development, and CEUs. She also provides coaching, leadership roundtables, and is working on the Summer Literacy Collaborative.


Susan Vinovrski

Project Manager, Training and Marketing Associate


Phone: 617.720.1290 x232
Email: susan@bostnet.org

Susan Vinovrski joined the BOSTnet team in 2012, bringing with her hands-on expertise in multicultural literacy development and adult learning models.  She holds an advanced Master's Degree in Comparative Literature and taught courses at colleges in New York City and Boston. In addition to being the hub of BOSTnet communications, Susan is systems administrator and lead instructor for BOSTnet's online learning center. She develops and delivers trainings in alignment with best practices, including the QRIS, MA Curriculum Frameworks and WIDA standards.  Susan provides CEUs, coaching and technical assistance to programs across Massachusetts through the Regional Educator Provider Support System, and co-implements the Summer Learning Collaborative with her fabulous colleague, Elise.


Mary Lu Love

Lecturer, Director of Early Childhood Services

Institute for Community Inclusion

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Office: 617.287.5925

EI Scholars:  http://earlyinterventionfunding.wikispaces.com/

Post Master’s Certificate:  http://postmastersechd.wikispaces.com/



Mary Lu Love is Lecturer/Director of Early Childhood Services at the Institute for Community Inclusion at University of Massachusetts Boston, where she manages grants, evaluation projects and implement a variety of grants in the early childhood field.   She holds a master’s degree in Child Care Administration and has worked in education for forty plus years, as a teacher and administrator in public schools, private, non-profits, and Head Start early childhood programs.  She has taught in higher education part-time for over fifteen-years; co-authored the two, undergraduate early childhood programs at UMass Boston: teacher licensure in 2005 and EECIS in 2009.
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