Course Description

EEOS601 is designed to help students understand the basis in probability for statistical inference. This course will prepare students to understand the foundations for the complex regression and ANOVA models in advanced applied statistics courses, like EEOS611 offered in the spring. Through analysis of probability problems, I hope to convey the probabilistic foundation of all statistical inference. I’ll also introduce students to MATLAB®, a software package that can be used for a diverse array of research problems.

Course Objectives

The course is designed to:


Permission of instructor.

Required Textbook

Larsen, R. J. and M. L. Marx. 2006. An introduction to mathematical statistics and its thapplications, 4 edition. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ. 928 p. {ISBN-13: 9780131867932}

MATLAB™. The current student version is called release 2007a and includes the statistics toolbox.

Other Reading


Component Percentage

Homework 50%
Online Discussion 15%
Midterm Exam 15%
Final Exam 20%



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