Lecture Schedule

Lesson Topic

The 1798 Rebellion.

2 The Act of Union, 1801. Catholics in economic and social life. Immigrant groups (Huguenots and Palatines). The fight for Catholic Emancipation. Daniel O’Connell and Irish nationalism.
3 The Repeal campaign. Agrarian disturbance. The Great Famine and its aftermath.
4 “Young Ireland”. Land and Politics in the 1850’s. The Fenians. Gladstone and Reform.
5 Fenianism and the campaign for Home Rule. The emergence of C.S. Parnell. The Land Act of 1881. The Home Rule crisis of 1886. The fall of Parnell.
6 The later Land Acts and their impact. The New Nationalism, cultural and political. Ulster in the 19th century and the rise of Unionism. The Home Rule crisis 1912-14.
7 Ireland in World War I. The Irish Republican Brotherhood and the 1916 rebellion. The war of independence 1919-21. The Government of Ireland Act 1920 and the birth of Northern Ireland.
8 Truce and Treaty 1921. The Civil War 1922-23. The Free State under Cosgrave.
9 De Valera in power. Northern Ireland 1924-39. Ireland in the War years 1939-45.
10 The Republic after 1948.
11 Church and State in modern Ireland.
12 Northern Ireland since the 1960': the 'Troubles.'
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