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Professor Peter Taylor, Ph.D.

email: peter.taylor"at"umb.edu

website: http://www.faculty.umb.edu/pjt

phone: 617-287-7636

office: Wheatley 2nd floor 143-09 (across from Counseling & School Psych office)

office hours: by sign-up or by arrangement



Peter Taylor coordinates the Critical and Creative Thinking Graduate Program at UMass Boston, which aims to provide its mid-career or career-changing students with "knowledge, tools, experience, and support so they can become constructive, reflective agents of change in education, work, social movements, science, and creative arts." He is also a member of the Public Policy doctoral program and directs the Program in Science, Technology and Values, which offers courses to undergraduates about the interactions between scientific developments and social change and promotes discussion and teaching innovation among faculty.
Citation: Taylor, P. (2008, July 29). About Professor. Retrieved November 06, 2014, from UMass Boston OpenCourseware Web site: http://ocw.umb.edu/public-policy/epidemiological-thinking-for-non-specialists/about-professor.
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