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COUFAM 626 - Collaborative Consultation and Larger Systems, Fall 2007

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Collaborative Consultation and Larger Systems

Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Ed.D

Counseling - Family Therapy
University of Massachusetts - Boston

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Course Structure: Online

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Course Description

How do individuals and families interface with larger systems, and how do therapists intervene collaboratively? How do larger systems structure the lives of individuals and families? Relationally-trained practitioners are attempting to answer these questions through collaborative and interdisciplinary, team-focused projects in mental health, education, the law, and business, among other fields. Similarly, scholars and researchers are developing specific culturally responsive models: outreach family therapy, collaborative health care, multi-systemic school interventions, social-justice-oriented and spiritual approaches, organizational coaching, and consulting, among others. This course explores these developments and aims at developing a clinical and consulting knowledge that contributes to families, organizations, and communities within a collaborative and social-justice-oriented vision!