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CRW 111 Critical Reading and Writing I Fall 2010

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CRW 111 

Professor Erin  M. O'Brien

Critical Reading and Writing

Academic Support Programs
University of Massachusetts - Boston

Course Structure: 1 Hour and 15 mins long classes

Course Link:

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Course Description

CRW 111 students gain practice in applying effective strategies for understanding college material by relating generalization to supporting ideas and identifying the patterns into which ideas are structured. Students use computers to develop analytical capabilities in the course's computer lab component. CRW 111 carries 3 credits and meets 3 hours per week.

Students who would benefit from taking CRW 111 tend to describe themselves as

-- having some confidence about being able to summarize assigned readings

- needing practice in generating ideas to include in college-level papers

- feeling uncertain and/or stressed about completing academic writing assignments fully and on time

Regularly offered sections of CRW 111 include Oral Traditions and Storytelling and Foreign Policy: Ideology and Intervention. Ask your academic advisor for a list of section descriptions for the current semester. (This course should be followed by First-Year Seminar G114.)

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