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Tina is an 11-year-old girl. She has been in the same program since she was 5, and has always loved science and math. Tina is outgoing and inquisitive, and often designs experiments to conduct with friends during free play.
Sometimes, she co-creates an experiment or activity with her after school teacher that the whole group can work on together. They're almost always a big hit with the group. Lately, Tina has been a lot less involved in discussion and has been doing less and less experiments and turning down opportunities to co-plan activities.
Many of her friends are becoming increasingly focused on things such as fashion and boys. Some of the most popular kids in the program, both boys and girls, make fun of kids who are "nerdy." For a while, Tina was left out a lot, but she has recently been included more, and has started making fun of younger kids who are "nerdy."