ECPS Module Assignment

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Locate three plans/policies from your program. At least one plan should be related to health and safety. One plan should be related to Area 1 on Interactions or Area 4 on Family Involvement. You can choose to evaluate an orientation handbook for staff or parents as one of the plans. Speak to your instructor and supervisor if you need help locating these plans.

1. For each plan, determine the area ans sub-areas it covers. Use the checklist for those sub-areas to mark what is covered and what is not covered.

2. For each plan make a bulleted list of what is not covered.

3. For areas not covered, write up constructive suggestions to meet these areas of need.

4. Finally, write a letter to your supervisor explaining what you learned from this exercise about the policies and discuss your suggestions.

Refer to the assignment rubric for more details.

ECPS Assignment Rubric