Session 1: Exploring

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Description of Session 1

This session will cover the broad definition of diversity and how to effectively address diversity through standards and best practices for your educators through three interactive videos, educator scenarios and discussion questions.

Video Presentations

Please watch all three presentations below. Click on the title to begin.

  1. Diversity in Your Program. Broadening your team's perspective.
  2. Standards & Best Practices, Part 1
  3. Standards & Best Practices, Part 2


Read each short description and consider the what best practices would be in each situation.

Sample Discussion

1. Now that you have considered all the scenarios, please choose one and answer the following two questions:

  • How would you describe this educator's strengths and challenges -- does your perception of their strengths differ from their own? If so, how?
  • How would you open a conversation with this educator about what you would like them to work on? Be sure your answer includes a concrete goal for the educator and is written in a first-person address form, as if you are talking directly to the educator.

Click on the 'Add a new discussion topic' button below to post your answers to the reflection questions. Please write the name of the educator from your chosen scenario in the subject line. Your response should be a minimum of 200 words.

2. Once you have responded to both questions, post a reply to two other learners.  You may choose to respond to learners who have posted about the same educator scenario or others. Your replies to other learners should be a minimum of 50 words each.

State Resources

Please consider the following resources, which are discussed in presentations above.