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Course Description

This course, is designed to be a descriptive and analytical overview of water organs, availability, location and flow. It will be examined in the light of problems, possibilities and policy and consider historical perspectives.

Course Objectives

  • (1) Have an historical perspective of water supply and use
  • (2) Discuss the hydrologic cycle especially the role of heat in the process
  • (3) Examine the physics and chemistry of water and flow
  • (4) Define relationships between hydrology and geology
  • (5) Discuss policy implication related to surface and ground water flow
  • (6) Internalize climate, evapotranspiration and vegetation in tor-relationships
  • (7) Examine roles of soil, climate, and flow on surface/sub surface
  • (8) Perform basic calculations relating to water flow
  • (9) Examine biotic and a biotic implications and applications of hydrology to total environment

Course Expectations

  • 1. Class Attendance
  • 2. Mid-term and Final Exam Required
  • 3. Only make up exams are oral
  • 4. Class discussion/participation encouraged



Required Textbook

Text: Manning, John C. Applied Principles of Hydrology, 3rd ed. Prentice-Hall, NJ 1997


Component Percentage
Mid Term Exam 40%
Final Exam 40%
Class Activity 20%
Copyright ©2010 John F. Looney Jr., Ed.D
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