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W 3-Sep
Introduction 1: Overview
F 5-Sep
Introduction 2: Science as a Process  
M 8-Sep
Genetics 1: Mendel
01: Virtual Genetics Lab I [VGL I report due week of 9/15]
W 10-Sep
Genetics 2: Solving Genetics Problems Pre-lab #1 due week of 9/15
F 12-Sep
Genetics 3: Cells, Mitosis, & Meiosis
M 15-Sep
Genetics 4: Sex Linkage
02: LEGO Mitosis Genetics Practice Problems I [Mitosis report due week of 9/22]
W 17-Sep
Genetics 5: Pedigrees
Pre Lab #2 due week of 9/22
F 19-Sep
Genetics 6: Solving Pedigrees & Risk
M 22-Sep
Genetics 7: Applications & Limitations
03: LEGO Meiosis Genetics Practice Problems II [Meiosis report due week of 9/29]
W 24-Sep
Chemistry 1: Atoms Pre Lab #3 due week of 9/29
F 26-Sep
Chemistry 2: Covalent Bonds  
M 29-Sep
Chemistry 3: Non-Covalent Bonds I
04: Virtual Genetics Lab II Aipotu I [VGL II report due week of 10/06]
W 1-Oct
Chemistry 4: Non-Covalent Bonds II Pre Lab #4 due week of 10/06
F 3-Oct
Exam I, part 1  
M 6-Oct
Exam I, part 2
05: Chemical Structures
W 8-Oct
Chemistry 5: Water Chemistry Pre Lab #5
F 10-Oct
Biochemistry 1: Macromolecules 1


M 13-Oct
Columbus' Day
06: Chemical Properties
W 15-Oct
Biochemistry 2: Macromolecules 2 Pre Lab #6
F 17-Oct
Biochemistry 3: Protein Structure I  
M 20-Oct
Biochemistry 4: Protein Structure II
07: Protein Investigator[Protein Investigator report due week of 10/27]
W 22-Oct
Biochemistry 5: Energy & Bonds Pre Lab #7 due week of 10/27
F 24-Oct
Biochemistry 6: Catalysis


M 27-Oct
Biochemistry 7: Enzymes & Metabolism
08: Aipotu II [Aipotu II report due week of 11/3]
W 39-Oct
Biochemistry 8: ATP & Glycolysis Pre Lab #8 due week of 11/3
F 31-Oct
Biochemistry 9: Respiration, etc.


M 3-Nov
Cell Biology 1: Cells & Organelles
09: GFP [GFP report due week of 11/17]
W 5-Nov
Cell Biology 2: Applications Pre Lab #9 due week of 11/17
F 7-Nov
Molecular Biology 1: Genes are DNA  
M 10-Nov
Exam II


W 12-Nov
Molecular Biology 2: DNA Replication
F 14-Nov
Molecular Biology 3: Transcription  
M 17-Nov
Molecular Biology 4: Translation
10: LEGO DNA [LEGO DNA report due week of 12/1]
W 19-Nov
Molecular Biology 5: Introns & Genomes


F 21-Nov
Molecular Biology 6: Genes & Mutation I

M 24-Nov
Molecular Biology 7: Mutation II & Virus  
W 26-Nov
Molecular Biology 8: HIV/AIDS NONE
F 28-Nov
M 1-Dec
Cancer 1: Introduction 11: Gene Explorer [Gene Exp report due week of 12/8]
W 3-Dec
Cancer 2: Growth Factors & Cell Signals  
F 5-Dec
Cancer 3: Oncogenes & Mutations  
M 8-Dec
Exam III
12: Aipotu III [Aipotu lab due in lab this week]
W 10-Dec
Cancer 4: Genetics & Treatment Pre lab #12 due in lab this week
F 12-Dec
Cancer 5: The Big Picture

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