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CHEM 255 Lab - Fall 2008

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Lab Schedule


Week Of:
Experiment Report Due
Sept 1  NO LABS   
Sept 8
Check-in; Orientation   
Sept 15  Thin-Layer Chromatography
Sept 22  Separation of a Mixture of Naphthalene and Salicylic Acid (Week I)
Sept 29  Separation of a Mixture of Naphthalene and Salicylic Acid (Week II) TLC Report
Oct 6  Simple & Fractional Distillation (Week I)
Oct 13  Simple & Fractional Distillation (Week II) Separation of a Mixture Report
Oct 20  Molecular Modeling: Elimination Reactions / Infrared Spectroscopy
Oct 27  Alkyl halide Reactivities
Distillation Report
Nov 3  Microwave Synthesis of Aspirin
IR & Molecular (Eliminations) Reports
Nov 10  NO LABS (Veteran's Day)
Nov 17  Dehydration of an Unknown Alcohol
Alkyl Halides Report
Nov 24  NO LABS (Thanksgiving)
Dec 1  Check-out & Lab Quiz
Aspirin & Dehydration Reports
Dec 8  NO LABS


Notes/Additional Items

1. Be sure to bring your laboratory manual to lab the week of September 8, as your check-in materials are in the manual.

2. Samples (salicylic acid and napthalene) MUST be turned in to the instructors with the corresponding laboratory report for a passing grade.

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