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Project Roles

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Following are suggested Roles and a description of responsibilities to use as a loose guideline for how team responsibilities might be divided up. Some team members may take on a couple of different roles depending on the group size and skill set.


Team lead: Setting up a Wiki on and inviting group members to join using e-mail address in class roster, keeping the project on track, scheduling team meetings, facilitating communication between members, assisting team members as necessary and general technical trouble shooting. Ensures that Wiki contains all the necessary elements outlined in Wiki rubric.

Image editor: Finds images for wiki site and map mashup, posts them to a photosharing web site and links them to the wiki.

Editor/Writer/Researcher/s: Researches historical facts about the Boston harbor islands and writes copy for wiki site, and for map tags. writes copy sets tone for wiki site and ensures that the copy is consistent throughout wiki site, and all material is appropriately referenced in APA format.

Map Mashup Creator: Creates a map of Boston Harbor island following the step-by-step directions provided in wiki project folder.

RSS Feed Creator: Creates RSS feed created by Spring Widgets embedded into each page.


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