Week 10

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Here are some things to do this week:

1) Learn about the open source and free culture movements by reading and viewing the links below. Eric Raymond's collection of web essays entitled The Cathedral and the Bazaar contains some seminal ideas.

2) Working on your final paper. I have graded and commented on your drafts. I have also posted some directions for how you can capture and edit a screen shot in the final project folder for your to look at. In addition to posting a photo you can also link a photo that is displayed on the web to your paper in google docs. More info about this and other google doc features are posted on http://documents.google.com/support/. Please take a couple of minutes to look at through these pages to make sure that you're familiar with all the capabilities of google docs.

3) Participate in a discussion on student Free Culture Movement linked below.

4) Review the course readings/viewings. Next Tuesday, August 5th a Course Readings Challenge Quiz that draws from your knowledge of all of the readings to date will be available for you to take (if you want) will be up until Wednesday, August 20th.

Note that you don't have to do every assignment in this course and some are optional. I have created extra assignments so that you can pick and choose between them. I will be releasing some extra credit assignments in the next week that you can do between now and Wednesday, August 20th.

By this coming Tuesday, August 19th I will have graded most of your assignments (with the exception of this week's discussion, the final paper peer review and the final paper) and will create a calculated column in the grade book so you can see where you stand in the course to date and make some decisions about what additional assignments you may want to do.

Note: I accept late assignments (with the exception of those related to the wiki project) and will continue to do this up until Wednesday, August 20th. Please take the opportunity to complete all outstanding assignment before the 20th.


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